Belle en Blanc, meaning “Beautiful Woman in White”, was established February 1st, 2014. Six months prior to opening its doors, Taryn Plouffe got the idea of a beautiful boutique in downtown Billings, and wondered why it hadn’t been done. With an engaged older sister, she decided to jump on the idea with no time to waste.

While sitting on the patio at the Brew Pub with family, she spotted a “for rent” sign in the window of a location that was perfection. Located in the heart of downtown Billings, the three level vacant space was gutted and torn to shreds but had the potential to be something wonderful. After meeting with the Babcock staff, and officially signing the lease on Halloween, Belle en Blanc was set to open its doors by February.  Due to the amount of remodeling and construction that had to be done, Taryn knew it would be a tight deadline but couldn’t wait to start meeting brides.

Dresses starting pouring into her home that would eventually stock her inventory, and her spare bedroom turned into a bridal suite full of gowns. With all these gowns, why not start trying to sell them from home? And she did just that!

On Christmas day, the entire family gathered to watch her older sister try on gowns and find the one, right in the comfort of Taryn’s home. After that day, Taryn sold six more gowns from home and the brides couldn’t have felt more special.

February 1st quickly approached and by opening day, thanks to months of hard work and advertising, Belle en Blanc had a fully booked first weekend. By Sunday evening, 16 brides had found their perfect gown and Taryn knew her boutique would be just what Billings needed!

In the last three years, Belle en Blanc has been named “Billings’ Best Bridal Boutique” two years in a row, and has helped hundreds of brides achieve their second most breathtaking YES!