It’s MY turn!!!!!

13 Nov It’s MY turn!!!!!

I have to share with all my followers…..I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beyond excited to experience what I live and work for, and share the rest of my life with such an amazing man…so here’s how he did it:

I had a bride coming in at 3pm on Friday…her name was “Tarin Snyder”. By the time 3:15 came along I was bummed that I had a no-show bride (always call ladies)!! And in walked Levi. I told him I was glad he stopped by because my bride didn’t show up. Of course I was feeling down and he asked what was wrong and I told him again, I was sad she didn’t come. He then said to me “well Taryn, that’s because YOU’RE the bride!!” and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. As most of you know, some amazing photographers rent my store as well and Kristin Carroll came out onto the balcony and took some amazing photos to document my amazing moment. We cried, we laughed, and I screamed once I glanced at the ring and realized what had really happened. I can’t wait to start planning and begin my journey with Levi as husband and wife.

PS. How on earth will I decide on a dress!? :)



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